Dinner This Week

Last Friday, I sat down at the computer and got a pretty good head-start to the up and coming week.  I knew we were headed out of town for some family fun and I didn’t want to face Monday feeling overwhelmed about what to cook for dinner.  Right?! So, I logged onto Pinterest, found some yummy recipes I thought my family would enjoy then shopped on the Kroger Click-list for the ingredients I neeClickListded.  BAM! Dinners were planned and the grocery shopping was essentially, done.  When Monday did roll around (all too quickly, as it typically does), I hopped in my buggy and picked up my shopping order.  It poured down rain all morning which made me EXTRA thrilled at being able to shop the Click-list.


When planning for the upcoming week’s meals, I try to think about my budget, portions (it hurts my heart to throw away food), nutrition and bottom-line, what are my kids going to eat without too much complaining?! Moms, can I get an Amen???

Here are the three meals I came up with:

Meal #1: Soup & Loaded Baked Potatoes 

Meal #2: Taco Mac Casserole with Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Meal #3: Homemade Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Pizza with a Romaine Salad

I also planned for a dessert of Angel Food Cake, fresh strawberries, strawberry glaze and homemade whipped cream (Later, I’ll tell you more about the easy and wonderful homemade whipped cream!!!).

With Monday’s rainy & dreary start, I thought soup & loaded baked potatoes would totally be a dinner-winner.  It was my intent, when planning, to make the Strawberry dessert on the same night as the soup and potatoes BUT I passed on it and here’s why: my men go to Monday night Bible Study at Tim Horton’s and while there, my son typically indulges in enough sugar to, well….you can imagine!  LOL!  My daughter and I usually end up getting a sugary treat brought home to us by the men, afterwards so needless to say, making a dessert on Monday night would have been overkill!

Anyways, Meal #1 was super easy, super quick (prep and clean-up) and the entire family LOVED it, yes…even the littles!!!  I used Organic, Russet Potatoes to bake, topped with butter, shredded cheddar, sour cream and crispy bacon (yay, bacon!).  My soup selection was Broccoli & Cheddar andDeliSoup Chicken & Noodle.  I purchased both from the deli section at Kroger.  You can call that cheating, I am not ashamed, because the soups are actually quite delicious and allow for an easy, yet crowd-pleasing dinner!!!!  Winning!  After the children gobbled down every bite of their portions, they helped clear the table and do the dishes.  My daughter is in charge of keeping the dishwasher unloaded, while my son is in charge of loading it.  Yes, they grumble from time to time but we never fail to see the sense of accomplishment on their faces after they’ve completed their tasks.  I love how a simple dinnertime teaches all 4 of us so much.  I’ll definitely be elaborating on that statement in future posts.  😉

I hope everyone has a GREAT evening—it is SUPER windy out there!  We are off to this evening’s scheduled programming and what I mean by that is running the children to their events!!!  We wouldn’t have it any other way, would we?!

Oh! I almost forgot a really important part:  You can find all of my favorite recipes, including how to bake the perfect baked potato, on one of three boards on my Pinterest Page, “Yummiest”, “Yummiest SOUP” and “Side Dish”.

Thanks for gathering,





2 thoughts on “Dinner This Week”

  1. Love it Mandy! Didn’t think to try kroger deli soups but I will be. I now use kroger clicklist too which is awesome but keeps me sticking to my list and not really trying anything new. However grocery shopping with 3 toddlers is madness, so I haven’t even tried adding a baby to shop with. Love the new ideas!


    1. Hi Annie! Thanks a million for stopping by the “Room”!!! And thanks, too for leaving me a comment–I love it! Click List is PERFECT for the busy mother, like yourself—Let me me know if you try the soup! 😉


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