Contingency Plan

Before I launched my blog site, a friend of mine pointed out, when making plans, to also “Contingency Plan”.  Wow, is she wise!!!  I love it that I have gained the peace of heart AND mind to not be so strict on myself that I don’t allow for plans for change.  There may have been a time in my life where just the thought of changing plans ensued stress and anxiety, but God….and I will add to that, I am a work in progress!  Ha!  Anyways, “contingency plan” defines my week on so many levels and I am happy to report that I am alive and doing just fine.   Actually, I am better than fine and that only goes to show God’s faithfulness; nothing of my own doing.

Last evening, I had planned for Meal #2 (which you’ll find in my previous blog post) but, you guessed it, contingency plan happened instead.  And for a VERY good reason:  I had a surprise visit from my Great Aunt & Uncle whom I have not seen in years.  The moment I caught them in my site, making their way up my front walk, I burst out the door and we shared an embrace.  I looked them over and said,

“Wow, you guys look just the same to me as you did the last time I saw you”,

to which my Uncle replied,

“Well, at some point, you are so old, you just stop aging!”

What a sense of humor he still has, even in his 80’s.  I just adore these two and I know the feelings are mutual.  What a blessing to know we are loved, right?  My Aunt Mary holds one of the most dear places in my heart as I look back and remember how well she loved me after the passing of my Grandmother.  My Grandma Campbell was my BFF.  In 1992, I was just 12 years old when she passed and my world, as I knew it, shattered into ten thousand pieces.  I get choked up even now, looking back at my own sadness.  My Aunt Mary didn’t do anything particularly special or out of the ordinary when caring for me the days leading up to and following my Grandma’s funeral, she just simply held me close and offered up the exact comfort I needed.  As we reminisced, the five of us, including my Dad, gathered around my kitchen table, mine and Aunt Mary’s eyes filled with tears as we told one another how much we meant to each other.  My Dad and Uncle shared stories of their travels and spoke of other family members and all too soon it was time for Uncle George and Aunt Mary to get back on the road.  As we began to say our good-byes I could not help to feel the abundance of gratefulness for the change in my evening’s plans.   We hugged and said, “see you later” and off they went.

By this time it was getting late, so we decided to load up the kids and head to Applebees for dinner.  I LOVE their Oriental Chicken Salad but ended up trying the Southwest Steak Salad, instead—I totally give it a thumbs up, btw.  I’ll try again tonight to prepare Meal #2 but I’ll be sure to leave room in case of another “blip”.

I’m grateful for the contingency plan and I’m grateful for the pleasant interruption last evening.  I wouldn’t trade being able to gather with the ones I love, for anything.

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”

Thanks for gathering,



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