Back on Track!

Y’all, it’s been a whirlwind around here since the last time I posted!  Last weekend, the husband and I took a mini-getaway with friends (where I visited IKEA for the very first time!!!) followed by me heading west, last Monday to be in Revival services in Bloomington, Indiana.

A little more about that: once in a while I get a special opportunity to sing and minister with our Gessner Friends, Don & Shirl.  Our time together is always sweet and the Lord certainly did not hold back this time around.  We heard some wonderful and encouraging preaching and I was beautifully reminded of what a BIG God I serve.  One of my favorite parts of traveling with Don & Shirl over the past couple of years is all of the wonderful people we meet along the way.  The Pastoral family in Bloomington was especially sweet and they treated us so, very well—just like family.  We shared of God’s goodness over dinner each evening and there, gathered around the table, I heard the most wonderful stories of God’s grace, love and mercy in their lives.  And did I mention the food was FABULOUS???  During our time there, the congregation pitched in and prepared main dishes, side dishes and the yummy desserts in order to help minimize the burden for the Pastor’s wife—so very thoughtful and a HUGE blessing to her, I am sure.

It was bitter-sweet to leave Bloomington but what a joy it was when I pulled into my neighborhood last Thursday evening and laid my eyes on my own family who was waiting on the front porch to greet me.  It blessed my Momma-heart to see the excitement in my children’s eyes when my car reached the driveway.  The Hubs took us out to dinner and we spent our time around the table chatting and smiling….A LOT.  :)))

Here it is, already Sunday and not to mention, Mother’s Day!!!  Can we say, “Whew?!”  It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate Moms and all they mean to us.  We attended church with Jared’s Mom & Dad at the Church of God of Licking County where the service, from start to finish, honored the Lord.  We enjoyed a wonderful lasagna lunch with family afterwards, including Jared’s 98 year old Grandmother. Wow…just WOW! We cannot help but wonder just how many more celebrations will we get with Grandma Vaughn but in actuality, none of us is promised tomorrow, young or not so young.  Next we headed to my Mom’s house on the lake.  I always look forward to the lake view as it is such a peaceful place for me.  I grew up on the water and I feel so fortunate to be able to share lake experiences with my own kids.  My Mom grilled steaks with a side of cheesy potatoes and a fresh mandarin orange salad.  Oh, my word, we ate well today, folks!!!

Speaking of eating, what’s for dinner next week?!  I must get back on track!!!!  I am pretty sure I am going to get around to making the Homemade Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Pizza I set out to make 2 weeks ago, LOL!!!!  I’ll use a canister of pizza crust, chicken I have already cooked and stored in the freezer and bacon that I’ve ordered on my Kroger Click-List.  I also have a plan to make Pork Tacos with Cilantro-Lime rice and a Fruit Salad.  My third meal is Chicken Cesar Salad with hard-boiled eggs, and Bacon (I’ll reserve some bacon from the pizza night).  I haven’t decided if I will do the salads as they are, stuff them in a pita wrap or add bowtie pasta…..hummm.  Do you have a favorite way???  I also have an easy Peach Cobbler recipe I am wanting to try.

If any of these dinner plans sound like a winner for your tribe, you can click the links here in the post or you can visit my Pinterest Page and find all of my favorites there.  I am hoping to get my Pinterest Page a bit more organized going forward but, time…..oh.the.time. It’s such a crazy thing!!!

Thanks for gathering,



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