The Day Before, You

I absolutely love holidays and the inner reflection they bring about.  I cherish the pause, the time to look back and settle deep into sweet memories.  Birthday’s are no exception; to me, they are most precious and worthy of celebration.

Tomorrow, with our family and close friends, we will gather together to celebrate the life of my husband.  44 years ago, tomorrow, he changed the world just by being born into it.  When I think about my husband, before our family came into existence, I wonder if he knew just how much of an impact he would have on this world and I wonder if he had some tiny hint inside himself, of the great things he would accomplish in the future. When I look at him today, I see a man, a wonderful and humble man who most likely does not think of himself the same way I see him.  It is part of his charm; that I see his perfection and he thinks of ways he can improve himself.  I see his careful and thoughtful ways towards me and our children, yet he chases after more care, still and deeper ways to show us his love.  Did he know what his particular kind of love would do for our children? That it would fulfill them with deep joy that they can, in turn, pour out onto others? That it would emotionally equip them to grow up in this broken world? That it would settle them in at night, confident of their safety under his roof? Did he know his grounded, stable heart would empower the Mother of these children? Bring about a restored confidence in relationships, in marriage, that had been broken dating back to her childhood? Did he know his commitment to me would repair severed pieces I didn’t even realize existed?  I think, probably the answer is no.  Of course, he did not know these things.  But God did.  God formed my husband in his mother’s womb, just like He did the rest of us.  He formed each of us for a special kind of greatness and for reasons I do not understand, I get to be the one to live beside and witness, firsthand, the greatness that is my husband.  This is exactly the kind of reflection that I adore and cherish and I commission myself for a lifetime, to doing my best to show my husband what kind of wonderful he is.

Jared, today is the day before you.  I had no idea my world was changing, tomorrow.

“And I’m never going back…never going back.  Now you’re here, and everything’s changing; suddenly life means so much…” -Rascal Flatts, The Day Before You

Happy Birthday, darling. I love you.


Thanks for gathering,



4 thoughts on “The Day Before, You”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful words and thoughts from a loving and kind lady for a very dear man. I see the love and enthusiasm you have for your family in the many things you do for them and with them. And the memories you are making … too many to count. May you have the happiest of birthdays, Jared.

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