Taco Tuesday, Cleaning Out the Fridge & BBQ Pork Sliders

Hello Wednesday!  It’s nice to see you even though the threat of rain has been upon us all day!  I am thankful for the few sprinkles we have gotten so far—my plants love it!

Speaking of plants, I can’t wait to show you the pots I planted!  I used a gift certificate I received for my birthday to purchase plants from Hope Timber Garden Center and WOW, did they turn out beautiful!  The staff at Hope Timber are so helpful and friendly and give great advice if you’re just not sure how to go about your project.

Anyways…..back to Taco Tuesday, cleaning out the fridge and BBQ Sliders.  :)))

Monday, I purchased a boneless pork loin and cooked it up, slowly, in the the oven for a few hours in preparation for Meal #1, Taco Tuesday!!!  I seasoned the entire pork loin with basic salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.  After slow-cooking, I shredded the meat and stored it in the fridge in two halves.  Tuesday, I got out one half of the shredded pork, added it to a skillet with a about a half of a cup of water, seasoned it with cumin, chili powder and a dash of dried basil, and warmed it in preparation for juicy, shredded, pork tacos.  Can we say, “yum?!” For the taco toppings, I diced up a jalapeño pepper, some vine ripe tomatoes, and avocados.  For sides (or additional taco stuffers), I cooked up some white rice and black beans.  Taco Tuesday was a HUGE hit and BONUS, we dined outside on the patio.  It was a GORGEOUS evening!


I love it when I can pinch pennies and stretch my meat purchase into more than one dinner and this week I have managed to make it into THREE! Which brings me to tonights meal: Meal #2: Tortilla Stew over rice and a loaf of fresh baked Ciabatta bread for dipping.  Yum, yum, yum!!!  I used all of the leftovers from Taco Tuesday in the stew and I will serve it over the leftover, white rice.  To start the stew, I made a rue using butter and flour, then added vegetable stock and seasoned it with a bit of salt, a pinch of sugar, a few dried onions and just a dab of tomato paste.  Then, I emptied the fridge of leftovers!!!!  WhOoP!!!!  I dumped in the leftover black beans, sliced tomatoes, a bit of mild salsa and of course, the shredded pork.  I let the stew simmer while I baked the ciabatta and warmed the leftover rice just before serving.  Thank you, Taco Tuesday, for proving enough left-overs to make Meal #2!!! 

Tomorrow night’s, Meal #3 will include the other half of the pork loin which I plan to make into BBQ Pork Sliders!  I’ll also prepare Deviled Eggs and a Corn Casserole BOOM…it’s dinner!

I hope you found something valuable in this post!!!  I just LOVE your comments!

Thanks for gathering,




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