Summer 2017 starts TODAY for my little family and I’ve thought of  just few, simple, goals for myself and for the little ones during these “unstructured” months: Eat well, play a lot and read.  My hope for these goals is to keep us from allowing the days slip by with no feeling of having really “lived” intentionally.  As I recall our previous Summer break, I feel like it went by waaaay too quickly and maybe it was because, as the saying goes, “we flew by the seat of our pants”….just maybe.  So, here’s to attempting to going about our days a little differently than last year!

Eat Well: The plan is to make every effort to consume as much raw fruits and veggies as possible and less processed sugar.  This goal, 100%, will have to start in the kitchen with a lot of chopping and preparing. Smoothies, veggie plates, salads….and more salads.  My produce shopping will start at Aldi’s.  I’ll go Krogering for the rest.

PlayPlay A Lot: This goal is to help keep the little ones off of the iPads and playing more outside. This goal is for me too!!!  Besides spending time on the lake, I tend to be a homebody, and prefer the indoors. This Summer I am making it a personal goal to be outside more. Yikes. Just thinking about it makes me, ugh.   LOL!


Read: I set a personal goal, at the beginning of the year, to read at least one book each month.  I want to keep this up and also keep the kiddos reading.  During the school months the kids are “required” to read 15-20 minutes as part of their homework assignment.  I think it’s an assignment worth keeping during the Summer days so, wish us luck!!! *I just downloaded 12 Years a Slave, by Solomon Northup, recommended by my Mother In Law. ❤

What are your Summer plans?  Do you even like to plan it or prefer to keep it loose? I love your comments and feedback!!!

Thanks for gathering,



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