Summer Lovin’

Is this season in full-swing, or what?!  I feel like it’s just getting started, yet already so FULL!  My daughter is midway through her second basketball camp, my son is enjoying his sister-free moments and the Hubs is running circles trying to keep up with work and our landscaping business.  I love, love, love all of the activity and making the most of our days but I also love the moments, here and there to just be.  I decided this morning will be one of those times.  :)))  The temps are a bit cooler, the skies are a bit overcast and the morning’s schedule is a bit un-scheduled.  Ahhhh, so thankful.

While just being, I’m making my dinner plans for tonight (In my mind, LOL!) and I’ve landed on this YUMMY Doritos Taco Salad.  It’s going to be a great way to feed the family just before my LulaRoe Patio Party with the gals!!!  I’ll make enough to share with my shopping buddies as we’ll need to keep our strength up if we plan on being in good shopping-shape! My friend, Chrissy does a fantastic job at her LuLa business and I love supporting when I can.  Tonight she’ll set up the boutique outside on the patio and she’s even bringing a pop-up dressing room, how cool is that?!

FriendshipMy heart is giddy with excitement to gather in with some friends and just spend the evening being in good company.  If you’re in my area, promise me you’ll consider joining us???


Are you lovin’ this Summer so far?!  Maybe like mine, your heart is swimming in a season of “newness”?  New schedules?  New reality? New Normal?  If so, I hope you’re floating along and loving every stroke.  If you’re not lovin’ it so much right now, I hope to encourage you to keep your head up.  Remember, God made YOU for such a time as this.  Take it all in and learn what you can while in this season.  God doesn’t waste a single moment, a single tear.  He’s working all things out for good for those who love Him.  Our responsibility during this time is to simply keep on loving and He will take care of the rest.  He is so faithful to His promises; wait and we’ll see.

Thanks for gathering, friends.



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