Hello, Fresh

It’s the first day of Summer, officially!!!  My house is still buzzing with activity and I am still LOVING it!  The kiddos are in VBS each night this week which makes family dinner nearly impossible…bummer.  :(((  On the positive side, while the kids were away, last night, the hubs and I were able to enjoy the company of friends. Yay!!!  The Lord knew we needed a good dose of community and last night, He sent some of the very best!!!  #thankful

For next weeks dinner, I am going to try a subscription company called Hello Fresh. If you’ve never tried a subscription box before, I highly recommend you do!  It eliminates the need for a grocery trip (except if you need staples like milk and eggs), and the best part is, it will get you out of the cooking rut you might be in (like I am)!  Choosing your meals is easy with the Hello Fresh App and you can even save $40 on your first box by using this code at checkout.  Here are the meals I’m expecting:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I can change up any item up to 5 days before delivery and I can skip weeks too!  I’m super excited to try it out and of course, I’ll be letting you all know what I think about it, in a later post, LOL!

Last weekend, my men took a fishing trip and so before I sign out, I just have to share with you, the fish they caught!

My brother, also the captain of the fishing boat, came up from Virginia for a visit on Monday and we spent the day in the kitchen preparing a feast of baked fish and fish tacos with fresh mango salsa and slaw.  Wow, was it GOOD!


Thanks for gathering!



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