Another 2 for 1!

One evening this week we lost power at home due to a storm—thankfully I had our Oriental Chicken Salad complete before it went out!  The salad turned out great besides I didn’t love the dressing—it was okay but I think the recipe called for a bit too much honey.  I ended up adding a bit of mayo to help combat the honey over-kill.

OrientalChickSaladClick here for my favorite way to cook chicken breasts, for salads.

Tonight, I used my remaining (uncooked) chicken and prepared Chicken BBQ Sliders topped with slaw. I used the good, old, crock pot to slow cook the bird on the low setting. The slider sandwiches were fantastic and I think I may have found my new favorite BBQ sauce! Roadhouse is the brand and I picked it up at our local meat market (Al’s meat market on Main St., Newark) when I picked up the chicken.  BONUS: I also picked up a 1/2 lb. of Al’s chip dip. O-My-Word, is it GOOD!!!!  Paired with some wavy potato chips and mmmmmm, HEAVEN!!!  #snacktime ChickenBBQSlider

Anyways, maybe I’m a bit too excited about this 2 for 1 meal plus the bonus chip dip…..naaahhhhh!  It’s awesome stuff, folks!  :)))

I hope you’re having a great week so far; tomorrow is already Thursday, say whaaaaa???!!!


Thanks for gathering!



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