The Highlight Reel

Hi ALL!!!

Since I wrote last, we have been busy traveling, unpacking, re-packing and traveling some more!  I’m confident we have never traveled this much before!!! Needless to say, we haven’t been home much to meal plan or cook, ha!  With ZERO complaining from me, I will share some highlights of our trips.  :)))

I started off, a few weeks ago, in Vancouver, WA.  I was there to help in worship for a campmeeting with Transform Northwest.  This ministry was very impressive as they are “re-launching” an existing work, focused on the communities in…you guessed it…the Pacific Northwest.  While visiting, in addition to ministering with my Gessner Friends, I was able to meet wonderful new people.

I arrived home from the state of Washington just long to grab the family and head back out to the District of Washington…..D.C. was my son’s idea for the summer and we traveled over his 11th birthday which made it even more special.  We toured museums, monuments, ate great food and had a blast being together.  My Mom & Dad even joined us which made it that much better.

We recovered from D.C. just in time to throw our son an official Birthday party and then take off yet again to Amelia, OH. for our daughter’s American Heritage Girls Camp.  We drove her 2.5 hours away and dropped her off…who even does that?!  Ha!  Is it Friday yet?!  Because I can’t wait to see her!!!  :)))

I hope you are getting to do what you LOVE this Summer!  Life has it’s way of moving forward, with or without us…breathe and experience, fully, all of the moments you possibly can!!!

Thanks for gathering,



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