Spice org & dinner; all the feels

I’ve been in the kitchen most of today so I figured I would share what I’ve been up to.  :))) I started in my spice cabinet.  This past weekend, I got inspired to tear it all apart and re-organize it using cute little jars and my label maker.  Can you say, “FUN”?!  It was, indeed and the spicy shuffle even freed up some space in the cabinet, allowing me to store and keep items off of the counter tops.  BONUS!  I totally should have gotten a “before” pic but I did not.  #sadface But, here is the after.  There is still work to be done but in my defense, T.J.Maxx ran out of cute little bottles in the size I needed!










Next, I moved on to cutting up that pretty, little watermelon you see.  The kids are going to be delighted to have it with tonight’s dinner.  They will not, however be delighted to see egg salad on toast, served as the main dish…but here’s to trying to get them on board! Ha!


The recipe I used for the egg salad is SUPER easy and you can find on my Pinterest Board, “Yummiest” or click here.  I’ll serve this on toast along with some fresh veggies.  I was able to get all of these colorful, beauties at our local Ashery Farms.  I just LOVE that place!  Side note: I replenished my spices with Ashery Farms products.  They are priced so well!  Side note on the side note: did you know they also sell Taco Seasoning?!  So much better than from the Old El Paso packets….trust me!!!!


For tonight’s dessert, I have Whit’s Frozen custard and a jar of peaches from….you guessed it, Ashery Farms.  No explanation needed on this easy, delicious, treat!


I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from today’s post.  If nothing else, an idea for a later meal and/or a great excuse to get the family gathered around the dinner table.

I’ll leave you with a small tid-bit of the money-saving nature and that is, to save and freeze any left-over citrus (oranges, lemons, limes) you might have that is about to go bad and use the frozen slices to keep your in-sink garbage disposal clean and smelling fresh. You can purchase garbage disposal cleaning tabs at the store but why spend the money when you can use half-rotten citrus instead?!  :)))


Thanks for gathering,



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